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The term "BMP to TXT conversion" describes the transformation of a Bitmap Image (.bmp) file into a Text (.txt) file. Using this method, the textual content in an image file may be extracted, allowing for the file to be edited and searched.

By inspecting the picture and locating the text inside it, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology accomplishes the conversion. The identified text will then be converted into a text file by the OCR programme, with as much of the original formatting and layout preserved as feasible.

This transformation is helpful in a number of contexts, including when a user has to convert an image file into a format that is more readily editable and searchable, or when text needs to be extracted from an image-based document.

OCR (optical character recognition) software or a web-based conversion service is commonly used to do the conversion. Adobe Acrobat Pro, ABBYY FineReader, and Readiris are just a few examples of available OCR programmes. This conversion is also provided at no cost by websites like

After the transformation is complete, the resulting.txt file may be opened in a text editor, where users can make changes and do searches. In addition, many different operating systems and devices are compatible with the.txt file format and may be used to read and make changes to the file.