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If you have a picture in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format and want to see it as plain text, you may do a PNG to TXT conversion. Popular because to lossless compression and transparency, PNG pictures are neither editable or searchable in the same way that text is. By changing the picture format from PNG to TXT, the user may then utilise the extracted text in other applications, such as a text analyzer or word processor.

In order to convert a PNG file into a text file, the procedure requires the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. A PNG picture is scanned using OCR software, and the resulting text is then converted to a more usable format like TXT. OCR software has advanced to the point where it can decipher handwriting or different fonts while maintaining the original document's layout.

PNG to TXT conversion may be accomplished using a number of programmes, both online and offline. Adobe Acrobat, Online OCR, and Free OCR are three well-liked online alternatives. Users are able to submit their PNG picture to the service and get a text file in return. Installable OCR programmes, such as ABBYY FineReader and Readiris, provide an offline alternative.

The ability to transform PNG files into text files has many practical uses. If a user has a scanned copy of a document or note that they need to make changes to or refer back to later, they may do so by first converting the picture into a text file, which is then searchable and editable. The ability to swiftly and easily extract text from a large number of pictures makes PNG to TXT conversion beneficial for text analysis and data mining.

Overall, the ability to convert PNG to TXT is useful since it allows users to extract text from pictures for future usage and research.