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To use Readability Checker, Paste text in the textarea box given below and click on Test Readability Score Button.

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About Readability Checker

Our Readability Checker is the tool for you if you want to make your text simpler to read. If you are a writer, editor, or reader interested in enhancing the readability of your work, our Readability Checker is the appropriate tool for you. Our Readability Checker is fast, accurate, and simple due to its user friendly layout and cutting edge algorithms. Simply copy and paste the text, and the Readability Checker will analyse the text's readability thoroughly and quickly. The Readability Checker analyses your writing and provides a score based on sentence length, word choice, and word difficulty, among other factors. You may have confidence in your development since the results are provided in an intelligible manner. Try it today to see why it is the most effective technique for making your writing more readable.