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All text on a computer is just a string of binary digits. The digits 0 and 1 (binary numerals) are used in binary code to stand in for information or text in a computer. A bit string is assigned to each instruction or symbol. The strings may represent alphabetic or symbolic instructions. These codes are used to encode information in computers.

The mathematics and computing fields rely on this base-2 or binary numbering system. Simply utilising only two symbols, the system conveys a wide range of values. Binary numbers are the common name for the values used in binary systems.
Internally, computers employ the binary system, which is used in digital electronics and, more specifically, digital electrical circuits that use logic gates (with values of 0 and 1). Mobile phones are only one example of a computing device that uses the binary number system.

You may go back and forth between binary and the more familiar base-10 scheme. Four binary digits correspond to one hexadecimal digit, thus you can easily convert between the two. Another option is to do a conversion to or from binary or octal notation. The representation of an octal digit in binary requires three digits. The octal representation of binary 0000 is zero.
Using the binary numbering system, binary code uses numerical representations of text or commands.