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The term "TIFF to TXT conversion" describes the process of converting TIFF picture files into TXT text files. The purpose of this procedure is to transform images into a machine-readable format so that the textual information inside them may be easily stored, edited, and otherwise manipulated.

To do this, most people use optical character recognition (OCR) software, which is specifically designed for this purpose of converting TIFF to TXT. This programme examines the picture, finds the characters in it, and turns them into language that a computer can understand. Once the TXT file has been generated, it may be used in the same ways as any other text file, including being changed and saved.

When extracting text from pictures is crucial, several fields rely on TIFF to TXT conversion. These fields include the legal, financial, and medical sectors. If a law firm wants to save and update information from a scanned contract or agreement, for instance, it will need to have the text from the original document extracted.

Because it enables for the preservation of textual information included inside pictures, TIFF to TXT conversion may be important for the preservation of historical documents and artefacts even if the images themselves are lost or damaged.

Selecting the TIFF picture file and running the OCR programme to complete the conversion are all that's required to get from TIFF to TXT. You may then save or modify the generated text file. TIFF to TXT conversion is now more convenient than ever because to the proliferation of online tools and cloud-based services that let users to complete the process from any location with an active internet connection.