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In order to increase the URL's usability, readability, and search engine rankings, you may use a programme called a URL rewriting tool (SEO). If you have a URL that comprises a string of characters, this tool may help you make it more understandable.

If your URL looks like www.example.com/index.php?product id=123, try rewriting it to look like this: www.example.com/product/123. Users will have an easier time remembering and spreading the updated URL due to its increased descriptiveness and readability.

Because it simplifies how a page's content is indexed by search engines, URL rewriting may also boost SEO. Increase your site's discoverability and search engine rankings by giving your URL a little TLC and include some relevant keywords.

A URL rewriting tool automates the process, however it is also possible to rewrite links manually. The software may function independently or be included into a website's content management system (CMS). Consider the effects of your modifications on existing links and make sure they are redirected to the new URL structure before you do a rewrite.